DF8524 – 730 liter

ilShin Biobase -86ºC freezers are a reliable storage tool for many customers all around the globe since 1988, offering ultra low temperature storage in both up-right and chest versions.

Capacity varies from 40 liter to 860 liter, our product philosophy is based on three principles; quality, customers need and innovation.

Your research samples is the most important value when we talk about ultra low cold storage, this is the reason why ilShin Biobase Europe is only using the best available parts mainly from European and U.S. manufacturers and available locally in all European countries. All our ULT freezers uses our DUO-SAFE refrigeration technology (double autocascade compressors), this technology ensures fast recovery after door opening, high temperature uniformity and most important; the temperature remains at -80ºC in case one compressor fails or in case there is a leakage in a cooling system.

Before leaving our European headquarter in Ede, The Netherlands all our freezers are tested in a special climatic test room for multiple days to ensure the best possible performance, during this test period we can add accessories if needed and we monitor the temperature with an independent and validated monitoring system.

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Dual Cooling ULT freezer

Dual Cooling ULT freezer

Researchers wordt nightmare? Losing their valuable samples due to a broken -80ºC freezer should be one of them! We at ilShin BioBase Europe now have the solution; Duo-Safe Technology on all our freezers ensures a fully redundant ULT freezer, if there is a malfunction of one of the compressors product temperature remains at -80ºC without making use of CO2 (or LN2) back-up systems. This gives peace of mind to a lot of laboratories and bio-banks throughout Europe and the number of satisfied researchers and laboratory managers is growing daily!