DS Light -86ºC freezers

The ilShin Biobase Europe DUO-SAFE -86ºC freezers have a new design and offers the best available reliability and security for your samples. Two independent refrigeration systems working together to achieve an exceptionally stable temperature inside the DUO-SAFE freezers. In case of malfunction of one of the refrigeration systems (broken compressor or leakage in the refrigeration system for example) the other refrigeration system is able to keep the samples temperature at -80ºC until the broken refrigeration system is repaired again.

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Technology of the future, available now!

Ultra low temperature freezers are available since the 1950’s, the refrigerant technology has not been changed much since that time.

But change has come; The ilShin DS Light freezers with 100% redundant refrigeration system, with two independently working cooling compressors, ensures rapid recovery times after opening the door and allows this freezer type to control temperature very close to it’s setpoint temperature. In case of malfunction of one compressor system the other one maintain the temperature inside the freezer at -80ºC until the broken compressor is replaced or the leakage in the system is repaired.

This technology gives piece of mind for responsible persons within Biotech companies, laboratory managers at pharmaceutical companies, Bio-bank managers and other responsible persons within hospitals and research institutes.



We do offer useful accessories for your DUO-SAFE freezers;

– Racking system for standard boxes
– Racking systems for special boxes, tubes and other sample containers
– Cryo gloves
– CO2 back-up systems (in case of power failure)
– Water cooled condenser
– Special combination of water and air cooled condenser for uninterrupted working in case of problems
with water supply

Our products

DF8517 – 484 liter

DF8520 – 605 liter

DF8524 – 730 liter

DF8530 – 860 liter